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Bank Employee caught stealing customers cash on camera.

A video was shared online by Facebook Page @YOKanakorn. The footage captured a female bank employee with shoulder-length hair wearing a navy suit and gray skirt. The girl walked into the camera from what seemed to be the reception area of the bank. She was holding a yellow basket, she looked into the basket before quickly grabbing the cash inside and then stuffing it into her suit side pocket before going into another room through the white door.

The Bank employee did all this in seconds, something about the act makes it seem like this is not her first time stealing customers cash. Turns out that many fellow employees including the manager has known about this for a while, but they couldn’t do anything about it as she was never caught in action. The employee has been doing this for at least a year, to the level of buying a house and car in cash.

Credit: Sanook

The reason that she was never caught is that she knew all the security camera angles in the bank. Another employee has had enough and decided to secretly place a camera behind the door and put it in recording mode on 9 September 2019 that turned into a success and captured the moment when she stuck the cash into her pocket.

Her main victims are customers coming to save their money with the bank without knowing the total deposit amount. The Page that posted this story revealed that the PR division from the bank messaged and stated that they have fired the girl at 17.02 on 14 September 2019. It is still unknown how the victims will take action in this case, many are also suspicious of the branch manager.

FB Caption:  The employee has been doing this for at least a year, to the level of buying a house and car with cash.

Source: Kapook, Facebook Page: @YOKanakorn 


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