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Barking dogs protect the remains of a British expat in his Pattaya home


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A British ex-pat was found dead in his home in Pattaya yesterday against nightfall, his two dogs protected him.

Nongprue police were notified at 5:00 PM by Wanpen Supanthong, who lives next to the Englishman’s house in 22 Soi Marb Yailia.

The police and rescuers arrived at the house and found that the door and gate were locked with signs of a foul smell in the neighbourhood. Police ordered rescue services to force entry after repeated attempts to make contact with the man reportedly went unanswered, other than dogs barking.

They found the body of a 74-year-old British man (his name is withheld pending a report from the embassy and family) in the house.

The house and area where the man was found was described by first responders as messy and that the dogs had made a mess, adding to the chaos. Two dogs were found protecting the man’s body and barking at first responders.

Wanpen told Pattaya police: “I haven’t seen him for about three days and normally he was outside playing with his dogs every day. I noticed his absence and could hear the animals barking in the house but were not let out. I also noticed that there was a foul smell coming from the house, so I decided to call the Pattaya police. “

Police are continuing the investigation to find the cause of death and an autopsy is expected. The police are trying to contact the man’s relatives and the embassy.

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