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Beach closures in Pattaya, park closures in Bangkok cause confusion and anger among locals


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Beach closures in Pattaya, park closures in Bangkok cause confusion and anger among locals

The recent closure of “recreational areas” such as Pattaya beaches and parks in Bangkok has sparked widespread anger and confusion on social media in recent days.

This heated outrage, on social media in both Thai and English, follows Bangkok and Chonburi’s announcements that they will comply with CCSA guidelines. However, both areas chose to continue all other restrictions imposed by the province such as the closure of gyms, tattoo parlours, movie theatres, etc.

Above all, Chonburi kept the restriction of the beaches open to ‘fitness only’, while Bangkok closed the public parks altogether. In any case, Bangkok’s restrictions apply until the end of the month, while Chonburi rules apply until further notice.

The beach restriction for Chonburi is very different depending on the beach. Some beaches allow people to walk on the sand or swim in the sea, and some, such as Pattaya Beach, are completely closed to people who want to walk through the water. Officials chase the beach all day long.

On Jomtien Beach you often see trucks passing by with loudspeakers telling people not to sit and walk on and woe to those who venture onto the beach.

In the meantime, Bang Saray has taken a casual approach by allowing people on and around the beach and in the water, but encouraging them not to drink alcohol. These deviations in the rules have led to a lot of reaction and anger on social media.

As far as Bangkok is concerned, the continuous ban there in the public parks where little Groenink anyway aroused the anger of the inhabitants, who are now forced to jog and run through the streets of the capital.

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