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The Benefits Of Using Aloe Vera For Your Face And Skin


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The Benefits : What makes aloe vera so beneficial for your skin and hair? Here’s a complete guide to this wonderful plant and its miraculous health and beauty properties.

All About Aloe Vera

1. Properties: Healing, anti-inflammatory, stimulating immune defences, natural antibiotic, digestive remedy … Aloe vera is a real wonder product. Known as the “Fountain of Youth” by the Maya, it was also one of Cleopatra’s favourites. She used it in her bath to enjoy its exceptional beauty benefits. Composed of hundreds of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it is a dream product for beauty fans.

2. Benefits: To repair damaged skin: Burns, sunburn, cuts, peeling, dryness … Aloe vera gel allows skin to regain its flexibility and repair skin lesions. Particularly recommended for burns, aloe vera helps rebuild skin faster and gets rid of nasty redness.

-To deeply moisturise skin: For use on the body and face, aloe vera gel is a concentrate of vitamins and nutrients that provides intense hydration to the driest skin. No more bankrupting yourself on expensive cosmetics and artificial products to hydrate your skin: aloe vera gel acts like your favourite serum and can be used as a makeup base to provide you with plumper skin and keep your make-up looking good all day long.

-For very soft hair: It is not only the skin that is affected by dehydration. Aloe vera gel is particularly recommended to restore suppleness and shine to the driest hair. In a mask before shampooing, aloe vera will get your hair looking more radiant from the first use.

-For its virtues on acne and aging: More than just a gel, aloe vera can replace so many of the cosmetics cluttering up your bathroom. No more build-up of different creams that smother your skin: aloe vera acts on your face to help you defy the passing years. Acting as a natural tensor of skin fibers, it will give you a new youth. Recommended to treat acne, aloe vera offers a natural alternative to heavy and aggressive treatments.

3. Cost: You can buy aloe vera in its original form of the plant or in the form of a processed product. If you buy the plant, simply cut one of the leaves to extract the precious gel. An aloe vera plant will cost between £6.50-22, according to its size. A ready-to-use aloe vera gel will cost between £35-45. It is recommended to keep aloe vera gel in the fridge.

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