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Best Series To Watch On Netflix This Month


Would you let me sleep with your boyfriend for an $80million investment in your company? That’s the proposition the sexually aggressive Renee Zellweger puts forward to a young research scientist in Netflix’s new bizarre drama. Acting as the villainous and influential Anne Montgomery, she plays puppet master to all those around her, leaving devastation in her wake. It’s as ridiculous as it is gripping, and it’s definitely worth a watch.

Black Mirror

If you’ve read the papers lately then you might think we’re already living in a dystopian society. But Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror pushes reality a step further and serves up three more episodes dark enough to make you question everything you know. With a great cast including Andrew Scott and Miley Cyrus, you’ll struggle to find a more gripping and thought-provoking series to set your eyes on.


The promotional pictures of this series don’t do Happy! justice. You could easily mistake the goofy blue unicorn-looking thing buzzing around a homeless man as a CBeebies special, but within 30 seconds you’ll be treated to a raunchy psychedelic gore-fest. After suffering a heart attack, hitman Nick Sax wakes up to find that he can see his kidnapped daughter’s imaginary friend. The unlikely duo shoot and snort their way towards her in a dark, twisted and hilarious series based on a comic.

American Vandal

Most people love a true crime documentary, that’s why there’s just so many of them on Netflix. If you’re after something a little more lighthearted then this mockumentary is right up your street. It follows a student on a quest to find out just who drew dicks on the cars of 27 teachers. Sure, the whole thing is a little silly to start off with, but by the end you’ll be completely invested in finding out who the real willy artist really is.

The End of the F***ing World

A self-diagnosed sociopath and the new girl at school decide to run away from their complicated lives and begin a beautiful and confusing relationship. Throwing all the rules out of the window, they celebrate their freedom by breaking laws and trying to live what they believe to be the perfect life. Little do they know that the law is only one step behind. With each of the 8 episodes coming in at only 30 minutes, you could easily get through this gripping drama in one weekend.


If you loved Breaking Bad then stop reading this and start watching Fargo. If you need a little more convincing to watch this dark drama then the star-studded cast of Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman might sweeten the deal. The first series is based on the film with the same name and follows a small town insurance man on a path of destruction as he gets involved with the wrong type of people.

Mad Men

Set in an advertising agency in the 1960s, this long-running series follows Creative Director Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in a stylish time period drama. We watch as he struggles to retain clients and keep control of himself as his dark and mysterious past starts to catch up with him. The show covers plenty of complex themes and delivers them will an abundance of class and whisky.


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