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Bicycling expat in Pattaya dies after being hit by a pick-up truck

 A foreign cyclist, presumably a Dutch expat, Mr Wim S . was pronounced dead at the scene after being hit by a pickup truck driver in Huay Yai sub-district yesterday morning.

The police and emergency services were informed of the accident that took place on the highway from Sattahip to Korat.

Emergency services arrived and found the foreign man unconscious on the road. He was later pronounced dead at the scene, despite the best efforts of paramedics. His badly damaged bicycle lay nearby and was later taken as evidence by Banglamung Police.

The foreign man, who appeared to be in his late 60s or early 70s, was not fully identified by police and only released partial information.

The emergency services said that when they arrived on the scene, no pickup truck had been found. They stated that the pickup truck had driven away from the accident site, but the driver had not fled.

The driver was later identified as Samreang Unan, he told police: “I was driving in the right-hand lane. There was a truck in the left lane. The cyclist suddenly changed direction, which made me unable to avoid a collision.”

Banglamung Police are continuing their investigation for further possible legal action and to determine the exact sequence of events. The area where the accident took place is very rural so it is assumed that there are no cameras in the area.

At the time of translating this piece, it was not yet determined what legal charges Khun Samreang would face.

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