Worst Birthday Ever: Watch As This Kid Sets Fire To His Own Hair At Birthday Party

Birthday Party:

Birthday parties can be a bit stressful, no matter how old you are. If you’re an adult, you’ll be busy enough wondering if you should really be celebrating the slow death of your youth. If you’re a kid, it’s more like, ‘Will I get the presents that I want?’ ‘Can I eat my own weight in cake? ”Will I set my own hair on fire’. .. wait, what?

In fairness to the youngster in the video above, he’s attempting to find out two of the three fears that I listed in one go.

Sat before his birthday cake, the ambitious youngster tries to eat it without so much as a cursory glance at the cutlery, plunging his tiny bonce towards the cake.

Now I’m not the sort of call out children on their eating technique – especially not on their birthday – but perhaps, just perhaps, one should consider whether or not anything is on fire before throwing your gob directly at it.

But I dunno, maybe it’s a really good cake and he just couldn’t wait.

As the kid attempts to devour the birthday cake, his hair catches fire from the flaming candle atop the cake, causing the requisite amount of panic among his family, friends and onlookers.

They pile in on his head, trying to pat out the flames, but also knocking him about a fair bit in the process.

Personally, I’d rather have a few slaps across the napper than a burned bonce, but if I’m honest, neither are what I generally wish for when I blow out the candles on my birthday cake.

The kid was alright in the end, with his mother embracing him and holding him as he understandably begins to tear up.

“Hey Michael Jackson, you forgot to blow the candle out!” jokes one bloke in the room, after the fire has gone out.

Time and place, mate, time and place.

The video has gone viral, with 7.1m people having viewed it at the last count, so maybe we can add the silver lining that it is a birthday that he’ll always remember. Or never be allowed to forget.

Naturally, the Internet’s finest wits were on hand to comment on the video, with one person posting: “I think even the dumbest person knows to blow out the candles before taking a bite.”

Another wag added: “Shampoo has instructions for use because of these kinds of people.”

However, one sensible viewer offered the most cogent opinion, simply stating: “I cannot stop laughing.”

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