Johnson held his first Prime Minister’s Questions, a weekly chance for MPs to quiz the government leader. Johnson swore, got told off and called his opposite number a chlorinated chicken. Corbyn accused Johnson of running down the clock on Brexit.

Then, after opposition MPs seized control of the parliamentary agenda yesterday, a bill was presented on Wednesday aimed at forcing the government to ask for a Brexit extension to January 31, thereby avoiding a no-deal departure on October 31.

The bill was approved by MPs, including several rebels who were ousted from the Conservative Party for voting against the government. They include the grandson of Winston Churchill and long-serving MP, Ken Clarke.

The UK’s upper parliament, the House of Lords, must now approve it before it gets royal assent and becomes law.

After the government’s defeat, Johnson presented a motion calling for an early general election to solve the Brexit stalemate. Labour abstained meaning Johnson did not get the two-thirds majority needed to force an election.