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Models With ‘Three Boobs’ Take To The Catwalk In Bizarre Milan Fashion Show

Bizarre Milan Fashion Show: It’s fair to say that more often than not big catwalk shows don’t really have models rocking about in, what we would call, wearable clothes.

At this year’s New York Fashion Week, we saw models ‘wearing’ nothing but tape, cowboy hats combined with parts of tin cans and even gimp masks, none of which you’d probably fancy wearing on a night out.

However, Italian brand GCDS ramped the bizarre up another notch last night during Milan Fashion Week by sending models down the runway wearing three boobs.

Yup, a number of models sported a trio of fake breasts, seemingly worn over their own, covered by sports-type-bras and crop tops. Completing the eye-catching look, the women also wore shorts, leg warmers, harnesses and vinyl dresses. Again, not really something you’d want towear to work tomorrow.

The show’s backdrop had neon signs reading: ‘GCDS Corp is your only God’. And was reportedly a comment on being body positive and inclusive – while also offering us all a glimpse into what the future of people might look like. Well, if Total Recall turns out to be true, anyway.

I can’t see this catching on, to be fair. Credit: Getty

Elsewhere in the show creative director Giuliano Calza collaborated with Pokémon and featured Pikachu and co on a number of items.

If the aim of Milan Fashion Week is to get people to sit up and take notice of your designs, then it’s fair to say Calza has smashed that.

The whole thing is oddly reminiscent of the stunt Jasmine Tridevil pulled a few years back, when she claimed to have had surgery to get a third boob in an attempt to ‘make herself unattractive to men’.

Credit: Shuttershock

Pictures of the Florida-based dominatrix went viral back in 2015 amid claims she had paid $20,000 to get herself a third breast. However, following a huge flurry of media interest (naturally), it was discovered that Tridevil had filed a lost or stolen baggage complain at Tampa International Airport, in which she wrote a ‘three breast prosthesis’ was among her missing belongings.

But a defiant Tridevil told the Daily Mail: I know my breasts are real and I do not care what anybody thinks.” Well it’s a shame she couldn’t get down to Milan this weekend, eh?

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