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Black plastic food trays pose no danger, health agency says

Thais have no reason to worry about health risks from the black plastic food trays commonly used here, the government’s Department of Medical Sciences says.

Director-general Dr Sukhum Kanchanapimai said on Friday that all 84 samples of plastic food containers the department tested between 2013 and 2017 had met safety standards.

The reassurance came after panic spread on social media over a recently published British study that found high levels of lead, antimony and bromine – a flame retardant – in black plastic trays used to package everything from electrical equipment to food.

Dr Sukhum said consumers should simply choose good-quality food containers made of materials appropriate to their use, such as microwaving, and, if stored or reused, to keep them clean.

The department’s Bureau of Quality and Safety of Food had tested the 84 samples of black plastic food containers for heavy metals and for any sign of chemical release and transfer. All samples were up to par, he said.

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