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Bodybuilding Grandma, 75, Eats Strictly ‘Nude Food Diet’ To Keep In Shape

A bodybuilding grandma has said she’s got no plans to slow down, hoping to become a role model to all women while also changing people’s perceptions of aging.

75-year-old Janice Lorraine is Australia’s oldest bodybuilder, and has a pretty impressive 23 titles to her name. She’ll be taking to the stage again in 2019 to compete in yet another natural body building contest, where she will no doubt be the eldest in her category.

Lorraine hails from Granville, Sydney, and took up bodybuilding at the age of 55 as a way to fend of the frailty that comes with old age and retirement.

Having recently shared her training regime and details on her ‘nude food’ approach to her diet, she hopes to smash the preconceptions that many have about growing older.

“My aim is to show what’s possible and to motivate and encourage women of any age, to live the life they want to live and not be bound by traditional stereotypes and roles and the expectations of others,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

The former psychologist had her lightbulb moment when she saw an older woman struggling to walk, and decided there and then that she would not become ‘like her’.

It was then that she decided to go ‘marching into the male-dominated weights room’ and get started on Weight Resistance Training (WRT).

“I had heard that WRT was good for bone density and that it had been shown to be effective in preventing osteoporosis and so, in January 1998 I began WRT and decided that I would become a natural bodybuilder,” she explained.

As well as working out up to six times a week – training at the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while also doing an 8km walk on alternate days and two minutes of ab work plus 30 push-ups, tricep push-ups and back leg raises – the grandmother also adheres to a strict diet to ensure she’s in top condition.

Her ‘natural nude food’ diet mainly features unprocessed foods with no condiments or sauces – so usually salads, microwaved sweet potato and protein like grilled chicken, fish and steak.


Takeaways are a strict no-go, but she will let herself have one biscuit and one square of 90 per cent sugar-free chocolate per day, and sometimes she’ll have a class of wine with her evening meal. Speaking to Daily Mail Australia

Lorraine said: When I compete in competitions in Australia and abroad, people say that they’re amazed to see a woman over 50 wearing a bikini.

“I don’t know when I’ll stop bodybuilding.”

She added: “I’ll keep going until I no longer want to. I’m out to make a statement. I’m trying to change people’s perception of what a 70-something-year-old should be.

“I think my bodybuilding is a great message to put out there.”

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