British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will unveil his Conservative party manifesto on Sunday with a pledge to freeze taxes and bring his Brexit deal back to parliament before Christmas.

“My early Christmas present to the nation will be to bring the Brexit bill back before the festive break, and get parliament working for the people,” he will announce.

Johnson has made “Get Brexit Done” the mantra of his campaign — although it is far from clear exactly how that will happen, even if he wins an outright majority in the snap December 12 poll.

The manifesto is expected to promise a freeze on income tax, VAT and National Insurance payments, a skills fund to retain workers and a £2 billion fund to fix pot-holes in roads.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that the Conservatives will also promise to scrap hospital parking charges — a longstanding Labour policy.

Labour has said it will negotiate a better Brexit deal with the EU within six months that it will put to the people in a new referendum during which its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, will remain neutral.