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Bowel obstruction cause of Bolsonaro’s 10-day hiccup


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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is still in hospital after a 10-day hiccup. The cause of those hiccups is now clear: intestinal obstruction. A photo of the president shows that it’s not just a hospital visit.

The hiccups, everyone knows it: annoying, but not really life-threatening. Unless those hiccups last for days. Then it is advisable to have it checked. So did Brazilian President Bolsonaro. A hospital visit was inevitable.

According to Brazilian media, the president suffers from intestinal obstruction. His intestines push against other parts of the body, as it were. And that causes the hiccups.

That still doesn’t sound too serious. A photo of the president himself suggests otherwise. Bolsonaro is connected to all kinds of devices in the hospital. But according to Brazilian media, he would recover well. He is likely to be closely monitored because of his medical history.

In 2018, Bolsonaro was stabbed while campaigning for the presidency. He recovered but needed a few abdominal surgeries.

And then corona, the virus that he actually denies, but has had. It is unknown how that disease went for him and what he got from it. But according to the president, it was nothing more than the flu with him.

That is why Bolsonaro decided not to get vaccinated. But with more than 535,000 corona deaths in Brazil, its popularity is plummeting. His health problems do not come at a convenient time.

Back to those problems. Bolsonaro does not mention corona or the stabbing from 2018 as possible causes of his annoying hiccups. No, the cause would lie in a dental implant instead. And specifically the medication he had to take after that dental surgery in early June. That would cause hiccups.

It is not officially known when Bolsonaro will be released from the hospital, but he himself expects to be able to go home today.

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