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Boy is prescribed 8 sleeping pills by a hospital doctor, which were intended for another patient


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A 35-year-old mother shared her experience on Thai social media after her 10-year-old son was prescribed 8 sleeping pills by a hospital doctor and then fell asleep for days.

The doctor in question later admitted that he had prescribed the wrong medication intended for another patient on a different bed. The boy is in hospital with kidney disease and the mother was very concerned when her son did not wake up.

The troubled mother shared the story online with photos of the boy in the hospital bed. The incident took place in Buriram province and the caption read: “My boy got 8 sleeping pills and other medicines, 14 pills in total.

The grandmother was with the boy when the nurse gave him 14 pills to swallow. The grandmother saw that there were a lot of pills, so she asked the nurse if her grandson really had to take all the pills. The nurse confirmed and stated that it was a doctor’s prescription.

My boy then slept through the day(s), while I posted my story on Facebook, my son was still swooning.

The doctor also once again tried to blame my mother, claiming she should have asked if there were an abnormal number of pills. Shouldn’t the doctor blame himself?

After all, it’s his fault.

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