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A young Thai woman went on TV yesterday to offer what she said was a cautionary tale for the country’s women — the story of how her breast implant ruptured during sex.

The woman, identified only as Preeyaporn, said she had gotten 425cc breast implants from a clinic two years ago. All went well until one year later, Preeyaporn felt pain in her left breast while her boyfriend was touching it during sex.

“I was having sex with my boyfriend — you know, we were playing … like man and woman. He was squeezing it [my left breast] like he normally would,” she said in a phone interview with Bright TV.

“Then my breast was so tender, and I felt a slight burning. He continued to squeeze it,” she said.

What Preeyaporn didn’t realize was that her implant had ruptured. In fact, she didn’t realize it until almost a year later.

As time went by, she said that her left breast started to sag abnormally, and that’s when she sought help.

“I left it for a while … like almost a year. Then I did some research on the internet and found out that my breast implant might have ruptured,” she said.

“My left breast was really saggy. Just one of them.”

Her new doctor, Natchaya Maitreewech, confirmed after a routine checkup that the woman’s implant ruptured, suggesting it may have been caused by a mistake from her former surgeon when stitching her implant.

“Her ruptured implant disfigured her breast. Another factor is she had gotten quite large implants — 425cc — while the skin of her breasts is quite thin,” Dr. Natchaya told Bright TV.

“I’m going to cite research — if great-quality silicone implants are used, most leakages are caused by the stitching. The doctor could have pricked the silicone with a needle. That’s why it ruptured later. In some cases, low-quality silicones can have a leakage after worn for a while.”

“If [ruptured implants] are left for too long, they can cause inflammation,” the doctor said.

In Preeyaporn’s case, the young woman said she has had her breast implant fixed and now recovered from the surgery.

Her final warning: “You have to do lots of research and choose implants that aren’t too big for you, and you must get an ultrasound checkup for your implants every year.”

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