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British citizens have each been fined 6,000 baht for an ‘illegal party’ in Phuket


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In a video clip circulating on Thai social media, police action shows Phuket during an illegal rally in Cherngtalay, one raid that ended with a fine of 6,000 Baht each for 2 British citizens working in Phuket. Cherngtalay police are also calling on 4 other foreigners attending the party to report to the police station and will also be charged.

The photo shows the police standing at the gate of the property, ordering access… “Open, open, open the gate… now!” The people inside the gate are calling back “no party”. The police officer who led the raid was Captain Prasan Ketsaro. Despite a number of other foreigners and Thais attending the meeting, only the 2 Britons who attended the event were fined after being transferred to the station.

They were officially charged with “violating the Communicable Diseases Act, BE 2558 and Phuket Provincial Order # 2284/2564 Section 5,” the police report said.

At the end of April, the governor of Phuket issued a statement tightening restrictions on the island province.

“For social activities, all people should refrain from gatherings for celebrations, such as birthday parties, welcome or farewell parties or other, except for the traditional events, such as funerals, weddings or ordinations.”

Phuket’s vice governor also said foreigners who break the rules could also be deported. Foreign consular officers were also invited to the provincial offices, with the governor asking them to ensure that the citizens they represented adhere to current rules and restrictions.

What appears to be an afternoon drink on the video, complete with alcoholic drinks and a barbecue, was seen by the police present as a clear violation of current restrictions, a point that the chief police officer, who led the conversation throughout the conversation, kept repeating as he told everyone. in the house ordered to come out.

Everyone, outside. Come on, come on, get out! “

Not a single foreigner wore a face mask in the early stages of the video, although the Thai citizens in the property either wore them on or quickly put them on while the cameras were rolling.

The police continued to berate and accuse the people in the building… “you are coming for a party”. They pointed to a pile of ice-cold drinks on the front porch of the property (which contained wine, beer and other drinks)… “what’s this, what’s this?”

The conversation was a bit one-sided, with the captain speaking most of the time, while the property owners and their guests at least tried to explain their situation.

The accusations flew quickly and quickly: “Why party ?! You party! “

The foreigners insisted it was not a party and tried to talk to the police about the intentions of the afternoon meeting, but the police had already made their decision.

The chief officer informed the suspects that they were going to take pictures of the ‘raid’. De Thaiger has decided not to broadcast the video but has posted some edited screenshots.

Much of the social media comments below about the incident centred on whether the meeting was a ‘party’ or not and the accusation that the police present were just looking for some tea money.

“The serious crimes and offences of having drinks and a barbecue in your yard”

“What party? Even the mosque in Bang Tao is packed every day, also the local Thai restaurants are packed – this is outrageous. “

“Quite strange…. a good way to make money. “

“What place has this country turned into?”

“The video is all over the Thai news site … and it doesn’t look like a party at all.”

The names of the people involved in the raid have been published in other media.

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