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British tourist says he was ‘drugged and robbed’ by women he asked for threesome


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A British tourist who invited two women back to his hotel room in Thailand for a threesome claims he was drugged and then robbed by the pair.

George Leece, 56, from Lancaster in Lancashire, says he was walking back to his room in Pattaya in the early hours of Saturday when he was approached by a ‘beautiful’ woman and her friend. He invited the two women back to his luxury apartment expecting a night of fun before his onward journey to the Philippines.

British tourist says he was ‘drugged and robbed’ by women he asked for threesome
George with pills in a plastic bag he woke up to find next to him

He said the ‘beautiful girl’ decided to go home on the way to his room, leaving George alone with her ‘ugly friend’. George claims the next thing he remembers is waking up the following afternoon missing £1,000 in cash and a diamond encrusted crucifix necklace worth more than £2,000.

His bedside clock had been ‘tampered with’ and his belongings were scattered around the room, he said. George was shocked to find two pills on his sideboard which he says pharmacists have identified as powerful sleeping pills. He believes one of the pills had been mixed with his drink to ‘knock him out’.

One of the women who chatted George up on the road by his hotel in Thailand (Picture: ViralPress)

George said he had visited a 7-Eleven shop for water and coffee and was met by the two women as he left. He added: ‘The very nice one, one was very nice, she said “can I come with you? This is my friend”. So I said “yeah, OK”.

‘Soon after I went back to the room I was asleep. I only woke up in the evening. ‘The clock at the room stopped at 6:10, so I thought it was ten past six. ‘But when I went to the police station it was four o’clock.’

George reported his robbery to Thai police (Police: ViralPress)

George Leece found these tablets on his bedside table (Picture: ViralPress)

George handed the two pills, that were left in a plastic zip-lock bag, to police officers who are now investigating the alleged drugging and theft. Inspector Attarot Krongrat said: ‘Police have started an investigation was will check the CCTV surveillance from the area to find clues about the suspects. ‘The police have collected the drug that the victim found. We must check whether it proves to be a sleeping pill. We will investigate that thoroughly. ‘We must establish whether the victim was drunk and fell asleep or if he was given some medicine to make him unconscious.’

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