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Briton arrested after drug fuelled SHOOTING SPREE in Thailand

British man is arrested after ‘drug-fuelled shooting spree while riding a speedboat’ off of Thai island

On Wednesday Briton Benjamin Robert Simpson, 33 had allegedly taken the illegal drug meth with the captain of the boat as the pair had set off for a days cruise around beautiful Koh Samui

During the trip out, Simpson had fired several handgun rounds that were aimed towards the luxury seafront hotel where the Briton was staying.

Reports said that the hotel staff feared for their lives as the Briton went on his shooting spree. The hotel then had contacted the police for help.

Officers had then rushed to the luxury hotel where they promptly arrested Simpson as he returned to his room. after his speedboat trip

Police seized a 9mm Beretta pistol along with 31 bullets and a revolver with 49 bullets inside his hotel room.

Police then made a further search and found a plastic bag on the floor with what police believe to be around 6.85 grams of illegal methamphetamine. Also several pipes for smoking meth had been seized.

The captain of the speed boat was arrested in the hotel room together with the briton.

The boats captain later confessed that he had been taking drugs with Simpson right before they disembarked on their trip.

The Briton had boasted about his collection of guns before firing them off into the ocean, sparking fear on the nearby beaches.

After Simpson was searched by police, it was then they had found the 9mm pistol in his bag.

The two were taken to the police station where they were questioned on suspicion of the illegal possession of firearms, prohibited drug use, and firing guns in the community.

Lieutenant Colonel Chatchewin Nakmoosik, Deputy Director of the Koh Samui Police Station and Lieutenant Colonel Phingkharat Sai Khwan, Deputy Director-General of the Immigration Bureau, coordinated to organise Simpson’s arrest.

Lieutenant Colonel Nakmoosik said: ‘Hotel staff heard guns being fired so they called the police.

‘They said the gunshots were near the hotel and they were scared.

‘We arrested Benjamin Robert Simpson in the hotel room and found two guns and methamphetamine.

‘We put him in handcuffs and kept him at the police station while we investigate and check CCTV.

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