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Brutal thief caught in a bar steps from Pattaya Police Station

A thief wearing a blue raincoat has been caught on CCTV footage stealing from a closed beer bar just meters from the Pattaya Police Station.

Prapatsorn Roongrueng, 56, an employee of a beer bar at the entrance to Soi 7 on Pattaya Beach Road near the Pattaya City Police Station, told “Snelle Jelle” our furious city reporter:

“On Friday, August 27 at about 04:00 in the morning, I slept in the closed beer bar.” The thief stole my cell phone and a tablet that cost about 20,000 baht in total. Both devices were on the floor next to me, I made a report to the Pattaya police. I was fast asleep and didn’t know what had happened until I checked the CCTV footage from the bar.” So explained Prapatsorn.

CCTV footage from the beer bar appears to show that the suspected thief wearing a blue raincoat took several devices away from the employee who was lying under a pink blanket on a mat in the bar at 4:02 am. on August 27, just as heavy rain began to fall in the Pattaya area.

Prapatsorn added: “Last Sunday, a thief also stole a mobile phone from a Chinese national. The Chinese ex-pat had parked his cell phone under their motorcycle seat in front of the beer bar while he was shopping nearby. We know this because they asked to see our CCTV footage. The Chinese also reported this incident to the Pattaya police.”

Pattaya police are reportedly investigating the incident. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, most businesses have been mandatorily closed in Pattaya, which has led to criminal actions due to lack of funds, according to Pattaya police.

Bars have been closed in Pattaya since April 10 this year due to Covid-19 concerns. However, some bars still have staff in the bars to provide some sort of supervision.

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