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Businesses in Pattaya fall one after the other like dominoes!


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The economy of this once bustling coastal town is collapsing like a plum pudding, the companies are falling one after the other like dominoes.

In the broad sense of the word, the catering industry has completely collapsed, the bars have been closed, leaving the hostesses without work. No money for more cosmetics, not a single baht more for a fun provocative dress or a pair of beautiful pumps, preferably red with high heels.

The ladies who eventually become hostesses are leaving the city en masse, leaving the landlords on the verge of collapse or, in the worst case, going bankrupt.

Khun “Meena” is a “hostess” in a bar in Soi 6, which, when the bar was not closed, she made sure that the few men who entered were not short of anything. She switched on her laptop at set times, for a nice chat where after fifteen minutes a ‘happy’ end came. But now the doors are closed, the camera is off and Meena has only 1,000 baht on her account. She said today that she doesn’t know what to do, maybe approach some friends or they can lend her some money.

Meena fit the demographics of their “Prasit”, who drives around town with his cart trying to sell clothes to bar girls. But the few women left in the city don’t need anything at all, so Khun Prasit earns maybe 200 baht on a good day.

Boonanan Pattanasin, president of the Pattian Association for Business and Tourism, said last week that 90 percent of hotels in Pattaya are closed and that the nightlife is virtually dead. The government, he complained, has shut down Pattaya’s economy but has offered nothing to help businesses and people survive.

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