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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Netflix & Chill

Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart to star in new Netflix comedy Me Time

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg will starring interpret in a new comedy called Me Time. The film is being produced by Heartbeat Productions, Hart's production company,...

The Disney Plus Streaming Service goes live in Thailand on June 30!

The Disney Plus streaming service will launch on Thai television on June 30. At a press conference, Disney + Hotstar announced the Disney Plus...

“The Serpent”, one great movie, read what Netflix doesn’t tell about serial killer Charles Sobhraj

Serpent killer Charles Sobhraj from The Serpent was arrested thanks to the Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg. But the Netflix series does not tell everything...

7 Travelling-Related Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime

We all love to travel during the holidays with our families to spend quality time. Travelling also helps us to bring closer to new...


This week has already been an action-packed week for comic book movie news, with Twitter just coming out and announcing the Spider-man cast for...

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