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CCSA is blocking Bangkok’s reopening today

Unexpectedly, the Administrative Center for Covid19 Control, the CCSA, has put a brake on Bangkok Municipality’s plan to reopen 5 types of businesses, including spas and beauty clinics, today.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Facebook page just published The message that the CCSA had postponed the reopening for another 14 days. However, the Facebook post did not provide further details about the case.

The abrupt order sparked speculation about the reason for the delay, but observers said the COVID19 situation in the capital was still a cause for concern, so this may have been the reason behind the CCSA’s caution.

Previously, the BMA’s infectious diseases committee had decided yesterday to reopen several public places today after a drop in new cases, as long as they follow the government’s strict COVID-19 guidelines.

Museums, beauty clinics, tattoo parlours, nail salons and massage parlours have all been allowed to reopen, albeit with strict limits on the number of visitors allowed.

However, saunas were not part of the relaxation proposal. A reopening of public parks and gardens was also planned, with strict measures to prevent large crowds from gathering.

However, the BMA had emphasized that if infections were found in the above sites, they would have to close immediately for another 14 days. They should also be thoroughly disinfected before being allowed to reopen.

However, other buildings, such as entertainment venues, karaoke bars and fitness centres, should remain closed until June 14, the BMA said.

Bangkok yesterday reported 1,356 new cases, most of which centred around a construction worker housing camp in Bang Na district and a local community in Sathon district.

Ahead of the announcement, representatives of craft beer brewers and massage parlour owners went to City Hall to submit a letter calling on the governor of Bangkok to reopen their businesses.

Their letter stated that the ban on serving alcohol and the order to close eateries at 11 p.m. has affected many small businesses, including brewers, dealers and exporters, who have not received any compensation for their hardships.

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