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Chaiyaphum residents call on police to hunt down ‘naked rider’

Facebook users in Chaiyaphum are asking police to urgently track down a man who has been repeatedly spotted riding his motorcycle completely nude in the downtown of the northeastern province.

A video clip showing the unidentified rider has been posted to a Facebook group of Chaiyaphum people in the hope that police would make an arrest.

Group members said the clip clearly showed the licence plate of the motorcycle, so the force should be able to learn who owned the bike.

They said the man has been spotted riding his bike without clothing on several streets in Chaiyaphum’s downtown at night.

In the latest reported ride, he was seen riding from the None Howing Intersection on Muang Kao road through the heart of the Muang district to the residence of the Chaiyaphum governor, before disappearing toward Tambon Phone Thong.

He was seen on a black and red Honda Wave motorcycle, allegedly bearing the 1KorMor7922Chaiyaphum licence plate.

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