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Changes for all people wanting to ride a Big Bike


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It was announced by the Royal Gazette on Tuesday that from February 2021, anyone wanting to ride a big bike will have to undergo another driving exam and also pass specific training sessions before being awarded their new big bike license.

The official announcement from the Royal Gazette has been made after the Thai cabinet had initially approved ministerial regulations on issuing and renewing of driving licenses for big bike riders in August in order to reduce road accidents and promote vehicle safety.

The Deputy commander of the Provincial Police Region 6 told media that as from February of next year this law will become effective. It is not known at this point if foreign riders that hold a valid licence for a big bike from thier own country will be accepted.

The new regulations will result in a reduction of the increasing number of accidents across the country which are frequently caused by big bikes, according to the deputy commander.

He told the Thai press: “The Department of Land Transport together with the Royal Thai Police had previously considered the necessity of separate driving licenses since a big bike rider needs more skillful driving skills due to the vehicle’s weight and balancing difficulty. Many road accidents involving loss of lives and properties frequently occurred with big bike owners.”

“The separate license for big bike owners is believed to potentially strengthen the road safety for all riders and pedestrians as well as to reduce minor and fatal road accidents. The authorities are in the process of re-classifying the regulations between a small and a large motorcycle driving license before the penalties and punishments will be re-issued under the new law.”

Story was first published in The Pattaya News

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