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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Chaos at airport after family accidentally packs unexploded bomb


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Chaos at airport after family accidentally packs unexploded bomb

Complete chaos has broken out at an airport in Israel after a family tried to take an unexploded artillery shell on a flight home. It would be a souvenir that an American family had taken during their vacation.

More people do take a souvenir from vacation, but it usually concerns a cheap shirt or a key ring. However, this American family wanted to bring something special from the Golan Heights. The customs at the airport in Israel could hardly miss this object, after which complete chaos arose at the airport. When security saw the artillery shell, the airfield was immediately evacuated. Footage shows people diving under tables, while others run out of the airport.

The object is said to have been found by a young son from the family, after which the parents gave the child permission to take it with them. An investigation at the airport revealed that there was no real danger, allowing passengers to return to catch their flight.

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