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Chinese hairless dog Mr. Happy Face voted ugliest dog in the world


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With its crest, crooked head and long tongue, the Chinese hairless dog Mr Happy Face was voted the ugliest dog in the world. The award was presented on Saturday in the US state of California.

Mr Happy Face has a sad past. His owner Jeneda Benally was told at the shelter that the dog would only have a few weeks to live due to abuse and neglect. “The staff tried to prepare me for what I would see,”Jeneda said during the award ceremony. “I got to see an animal that was indeed old, but it deserved to be loved.”

Although the 17-year-old dog needs diapers and various medicines, he has been very happy with his new owner for ten months now. “The day I adopted him, I promised that he would feel so loved that he would never remember how awful his past life was,” says Jeneda. “Love, kindness and mommy’s kisses have helped him overcome his problems.”

The election of the ugliest dog in the world was postponed several times due to corona. Mr Happy Face follows in the footsteps of Scamp the Tramp, who won the competition in 2019. There is a cash prize of $1500 associated with winning the prize.

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