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Chinese man arrested using fake Malaysian Passport.

The Immigration police arrested a man named Lukman holding a Malaysian Passport. The man seemed similar to a Chinese citizen named He. The police decided to keep watch as they believed he was not truly from Malaysia and the passport he was holding is fake.

Officials sent information from the Malaysian Passport to the Embassy of Malaysia her e in Thailand. The Embassy confirmed police suspicions that the passport was, in fact, a replica. The passport used the information of a Malaysian citizen named Karhan. Officials arrested Lukman in Suan Luang, Bangkok.

When the suspect was confronted with the evidence, he admitted that his real name is Lin. When the officials asked for his passport, Lin showed them the fake Malaysian passport so they delivered him to the immigration police. Lin had used a fake passport to travel into Thailand with the intention to run away from his crimes in China.

The police also discovered more information showing that Lin had contacts of a fake passport gang. He contacted the gang when his fake Malaysian passport was about to expire and he needed a new passport. This is the same Malaysian passport that got him arrested in this case. The gang had sent him pictures of 2 different passports but both of them had the picture of the same man. Hopefully, this discovery will help the police to find more information on the fake passport gang and arrest them in the future, in the case that they are residing in Thailand.

Credit: Immigration Police
Credit: Immigration Police

Evidence revealed that Lin had no intention of leaving Thailand. He came here to hide from officials in China by using a fake Malaysian passport. When the fake passport is about to expire Lin was trying to contact a fake passport gang so he could continue his plan to hide in Thailand, but he was arrested by the Thai Immigration Police before successfully doing so.

FB Caption:  Lin came to Thailand using a fake Malaysian passport with the intention to run away from his crimes in China.


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