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Chonburi police held special training on arresting resisting suspects

 Chonburi Main District Police Department held a training session last weekend on how to properly deal with uncooperative suspected individuals

The drill by the Mueang Chonburi Police Force took place in Soi Bang Sai in Bang Sai Sub-district.

The pl. Lt. Col. Eakkarat Malwanno of the Chonburi Police Department said that the so-called arrests were meant to practice what we do when an uncooperative and disruptive suspect is causing trouble in public.”

The residents of an apartment complex, however, were not told before the exercise that the situation was an exercise and thought that it was about the “real thing”.

The suspect, a trained actor and volunteer started a public disturbance near the apartment complex, throwing things and yelling, prompting residents to call the police. In addition, the police officers were not told what to expect if the residents called the police.

Chonburi police also noted that a taser was used in the drill and they have begun to equip the devices for emergencies involving aggressive suspects in the area. This is common in many other countries, but unusual for Thailand.

The suspect, who is a trained actor and volunteered to be hit by the taser, said he felt sedated after being hit by the weapon and was quickly apprehended. He suffered no ill effects.

Chief Lieutenant Colonel Eakkarat stated that his senior bosses were satisfied with their officer’s work during training and assured the audience that the actor playing the suspect was okay.

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