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Chonburi province issued new Covid19 measures last night


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Chonburi province last night issued 2 new measures to tackle the spread of Covid-19 in the province, shut down a business with infections and curtail gatherings and charity events. The 2 orders were issued as the province sees a rising Covid19 infection line, more than 500 a day, and the governor asked local residents to stay at home as much as possible. The orders took immediate effect yesterday.

The Prime Production Company is the subject of the first order released, as it calls for the company to close after multiple Covid-19 infections are found. The company in Bor Thong in Chonburi has to be closed until July 29 anyway. The property will be locked and workers living on-site will not be allowed to leave the area, whether they have tested positive for Covid-19 or not. Disease control orders must be strictly followed and no one is allowed in or out without permission from the Chonburi disease control officers.

The second-order issued is aimed at gatherings and charitable events. While social gatherings involving the consumption of alcohol are completely prohibited, even for gatherings of only 2 people, gatherings for business meetings, religious ceremonies, corporate gatherings and formal events were allowed for up to 100 people. But last night, that number was halved to just 50 allowed participants.

The order also resolved an issue with charity events where people gathered to help those in need with food donations or the like but risked spreading Covid-19. The rules require any such event to receive prior approval from the local authorities, otherwise, the event will not be allowed to take place. Even after approval, charitable donations will be closely monitored to ensure all Covid-19 health and safety regulations, such as social distancing, are strictly adhered to.

The authorities plan to stop any event immediately if it does not follow the safety rules. Police officers will help those organizing charities to help communities in need while respecting social distancing and protecting themselves from the spread of Covid19.

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