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City police pick suspected ‘ladies of the night’ from Pattaya beach


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Pattaya police began what they called a crackdown on suspected prostitutes on Pattaya beach just after midnight yesterday.

City Police Chief Colonel Maykawit Praditpol ordered his team to patrol Pattaya Beach.

According to Colonel Maykawit, the patrols are intended to prevent any crime or gathering that causes the possible spread of the Covid19 virus. According to the colonel, there were many complaints from concerned citizens about women and transgender people offering sexual services on the beach. The colonel stated that this was a potential hotspot for the spread of Covid19 and with major festivals such as this weekend’s fireworks festival or the music festival. for the following weekend, the actions were inappropriate for a “family-friendly” destination like Pattaya to exhibit.

Pattaya police arrested and/or detained an undisclosed number of moths found on the beach road and near trees, suspected of being prostitutes by the police. Pattaya police also arrested several men who were gathering and drinking alcohol near the beach. According to Colonel Maykawit, drinking on the beach is also illegal and against multiple laws, such as open container laws and public intoxication, but is also a potential spreader of the Covid19 virus.

Colonel Maykawit warned that the police would be strict this weekend to ensure that people did not drink alcohol in public places and that illegal acts such as prostitution did not take place in ‘family-friendly’ Pattaya.

News outlets note (perhaps unnecessarily) that these “roundups” of what is said to be quite common behaviour in the area, traditionally take place before major festivals and events expected to attract out-of-town tourists and often displace the homeless as well. from festivals and visible areas.

Bars, nightlife and entertainment venues currently remain closed in Pattaya, and alcohol consumption, even in restaurants, remains banned, leading to many people drinking in public places and bar workers potentially practising their trade on the streets.

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