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Civil servant spends 2 million euros Rijkswaterstaat on prostitutes: ‘It wasn’t about the sex’


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A former employee of Rijkswaterstaat is said to have defrauded his employer for about 2.3 million euros. The official from Druten spent most of that money on prostitutes, the AD reports. The Public Prosecution Service demands a prison sentence against him of 2.5 years, of which half a year is conditional.


The civil servant had the money deposited into his account between 2012 and 2019 using false invoices that he submitted to Rijkswaterstaat. He said he spent the money on “vulnerable women”. In front of the judge, he made it look like he was doing it out of mercy. “I may have had sex with a woman like that once, but that was not my main goal. I had a bad marriage at the time. I was looking for compliments and positive attention. I never wanted to get better from it myself .”


The civil servant was caught in 2019 after a colleague of his asked the accountant of a company in Beverwijk about a double payment by Rijkswaterstaat. According to the accountant, the company has never done business with Rijkswaterstaat.


In addition to spending huge amounts of money on prostitutes, the ex-official gave himself between three and four tons in salary. He mainly spent that money on vacations, his home and a new car. His lawyer asked during the hearing that the man, who now lives with his parents, be given a suspended sentence because he has already been punished with the loss of his job and home and the divorce from his wife.

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