Coffin with remains drifted into rice field in Phetchabun province

Coffin with remains drifted into rice field in Phetchabun province

Villagers were shocked to see a coffin in a paddy field in Phetchabun province. The village of Wat Dong Tha Kien was hit by a flash flood that drove the coffin to a rice field. Residents in the area were searching for their washed-out belongings at night when they saw the coffin, shocked and frightened.  

A Facebook user named Amnaj Puekkoksung posted photos of the coffin standing in the field with the caption: “I found it, a cold coffin from Wat Ban Dong Tha Kien village. The flood moved the coffin to a field just behind my house. I am currently waiting for help to return the chest to the temple.

Thai social media helped share the post with comments like “I hope the body inside is safe”, and many social media users wanted to know if there was a number on the coffin and the house number of the lucky finder. This is to find a lucky number for the next lottery draw.

The Sanook News Team contacted Amnaj on September 27, 2021. Amnaj, 34, is an officer at the Sublungka Wildlife Sanctuary. Amnaj stated that on the 25th a sudden stream of water entered the village. The water rose quickly and in no time was about 2 meters high. The washing water moved the coffin from the temple in a canal, the coffin then traveled more than 5-6 kilometers to the rice field.

The villagers had gone into the rice paddies late into the night in an attempt to recover property washed away from their homes by the floodwaters. They were shocked to find a coffin in the field at night.

Saad Puekkodsung, the village chief, received a message. The chief and her assistant went to the paddy field and found the box. Villagers came to the field and helped carry the coffin into a truck. They cleaned the coffin before taking it back to the temple.

Some roads in the province are still under water and officials have put up temporary bridges to help traffic flow. The coffin has been returned to the temple and is now safe awaiting the burial process.

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