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Cold case for the murder of a pregnant girl solved after 14 years in Thailand

More than 14 years after a pregnant girl was murdered in Bangkok, the Thai police succeeded in arresting the killer. This crime, now called a “Cold Case”, concerns a murder case that took place in 2007 and since then the killer has been on the run. But yesterday, the suspect was finally tracked down and arrested in the remote northeastern province of Loei.

Crime Suppression Division police arrested 65-year-old Surachart Khonkhaeng for the murder of a 14-year-old girl that happened more than a decade ago. On June 21, 2007, an arrest warrant was issued in his name by the Talingchan Court in Bangkok.

The Commissioner of the Central Investigation Bureau police Lieutenant General Jirapop Puridet explained that in 2006-2007 the suspect allegedly had a sexual relationship with this young girl for a period of 6 or 7 months. The girl was the niece of Surachart’s wife, but she knew nothing of her husband’s affair.

Surachart learned that the girl was pregnant when she returned from school to her parents in Bangkok during a vacation. At the time, Nong Khai’s suspect would have travelled to Bangkok to kill the girl. Police believe Surachart was afraid that the girl would expose their relationship with her parents, who might then press charges against the older man.

In Bangkok, Surachart gave the girl a carton of milk that was allegedly laced with pesticides. After drinking the milk, the girl developed a stomachache and eventually died. The girl’s body was later discovered wrapped in cloth at a garbage dump in Nong Khaem District. An autopsy revealed that the girl had toxic chemicals in her body, but also that she was 6 months pregnant.

The detectives concluded that Khun Surachart was the last known person to have had contact with the girl before her death. After witnesses reported seeing his vehicle near the site where the body was found, Nom Khaeng police believed they had enough evidence to make an arrest and received a court order. But Surachart fled and was not heard from for 14 years until he was finally arrested yesterday.

Police reported that Surachart admitted to having had a sexual relationship with the girl, but denied poisoning her.

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