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Cop accused of killing coworker often argued over loud music, say neighbours

Cop Accused: A constable-ranked police officer, who allegedly shot and killed his colleague and the wife of his colleague in Chaiyaphum on Wednesday night, has been temporarily dismissed from the force to make way for a serious disciplinary probe, said deputy national police spokesman Colonel Krissana Pattanacharoen on Thursday.


Pol Senior Sgt-Major Chiwanon Napha also faces a murder charge, he said.

Neighbours said Chiwanon often quarreled over his drinking and loud music with Pol Senior Sgt-Major Thongplaew Larprasong and his wife who lived next door in the police apartment building in Chaiyaphum’s Phukhieo district.

Krissana reported the case to national police chief Pol General Chakthip Chaijinda who has offered condolences to the family and relatives of the slain couple, and instructed officers to provide them aid and quickly and thoroughly examine the case.

The national chief also urged all police supervisors to monitor their subordinates’ behaviour and keep them in line to prevent recurrence of the tragedy, Krissana said.

Chiwanon – who had reportedly been under stress over family problems – was described as appearing drunk when he allegedly shot dead Thongplaew, 46, and Thongplaew’s wife, on Wednesday.

Chiwanon the fled to his room in the same police apartment building in Chaiyaphum’s Phukhieo district, causing a stand-off with police until he came out and was apprehended and his gun seized at 4.25am on Thursday.

Residents of the building said Chiwanon often got drunk and quarreled with his wife until she eventually took their children and returned to her home in another province.

They said Chiwanon also often quarreled over his drinking and loud music with Thongplaew and his wife.

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