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Shocking video shows moment a crowd of insects fly to Russia like “doomsday”


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A city in Russia has been facing up with insect pandemic that made local people feel scared of going out at night.

Millions of gnats fly on the sky and cover the ground in the port city of Taganrog in southern Russia that was like sence “doomsday”. A crowd of insects is on the road with a thickness of about 2,5 cm that it is difficult for drivers to move.

Video posted on the social network shows that man’s hand was covered with many gnats; however, they did not bite or sting people. Besides, there was a woman felling off when going on foot on the road, which was covered with a crowd of insects.

Gnat is considered as an insect that does not bite or sting human. They often live in the small lake next to Taganrog city.

Local people said that they have never witnessed a crowd of insects after warm and humid summmer.

Mrs Olga Shustrova said that she was afraid of going out the house at night because a crowd of insects flew towards the lights. Fortunately, they did not bite human. The kind of insect appeared there in the last year; however they are less than this year.

Experts said that their life cycle is from two to five days and they fluttered about 1000 times per second.

Other local person hoped that the weather would cooler in order that this insect could move to the other place.

Recently, there has been a phenomena like that. It appears a huge swarm of locusts that attacked farms and devastated crops in Russia as officials declare a state of emergency. It was supposed that the plague has been caused by climate change.


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