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Crypto gangsters robbed a Russian family in Thailand


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A family couple from Russia was robbed in Thailand, forcing them to make a cryptocurrency transfer worth 2 million baht

Evgeny and Ekaterina Abdullin reported to police on the Thai island of Samui that they were blackmailed and robbed by a gang of international criminals who threatened to force them to pay $50,000 (1.878 million baht) in digital currency and demanded more.

The Russians said they were victims of stalkers, namely six men who began extorting $3 million, or 112 million Thai baht, from them. The bandits drove up to them at a cafe the day before where the couple had stopped for breakfast. Five men arrived in a black van, another on a red Honda Click 125 motorcycle.

As a result of threats and blackmail, the victim, Yevgeny Abdullin, transferred almost 2 million baht to the blackmailers’ accounts. The criminals left saying they would return for the remaining 110 million baht. Realizing that he found himself in a hopeless and dangerous situation in a foreign country, Evgeny decided to appeal to the local police.

The head of the Samui police station ordered an investigation into the Russians’ complaint. At the location of the cafe, CCTV footage was reviewed, which showed that the perpetrators arrived in a van rented in the area of Pattaya, Chonburi province. The man who arrived on the motorcycle was identified as Salman Almaty, who is a German national.

A total of two Russians, two Kazakhs and two German nationals were part of the gang. Further investigation revealed that some of them had already left Thailand through Suvarnabhumi airport. The case of the robbery of the Russian Abdullin couple on Samui is under special control and the investigation is continuing.

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