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Dad smells petrol, gets kids out of car before fire erupts

Dad Smells Petrol: A father and three children had a narrow escape when their car caught on fire while he drove them to school in Kamphaeng Phet on Tuesday morning.

Police said the incident took place on the road in front of Kamphaeng Phet Kindergarten School in Muang district at 7am.

The father, Anan Kositpipat, said he was driving his youngest son to the kindergarten school before taking two other children to the secondary school when the fire broke out.

Anan said he smelled leaking petrol and so stopped the car and told the children to get out.

He said he was about to open the bonnet when the fire broke out and quickly spread. He said the car was very old and had been used for decades but he mainly now had relied on another car.

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