Dane marries Thai ladyboy without ‘checking gender’

Dane marries Thai ladyboy without ‘checking gender.’ Thai Rath reported on a marriage ceremony in Thailand’s south on Saturday in which the groom was a man from Denmark and the “bride” was a man from Trang.

The couple married legally in Denmark two months ago and confirmed their vows in a ceremony for relatives followed by a slap up party at a local hotel.

John Standskov, 54, a civil servant, was married twice before to women but these unions never worked out.

Yingyong “Anne” Nokkaew, 49, who has lived in Denmark  for thirty years himself, divorced five years ago.

The couple met and mutual respect and love soon developed in a place Thai Rath called “the land of cow’s milk”.

Anne said that John had never asked if he was a man or a woman.

John said that Anne is a lovely woman.

The couple have known each other for four years and said that this marriage is for keeps as it is true love.

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