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Dangerous Situation: Rapper Chief Keef Almost Blows Up His Own House


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Dangerous Situation: Rapper Chief Keef Almost Blows Up His Own House

Chief Keef nearly blew up his own home on July 4 while celebrating America’s Independence Day. A video that has gone viral on social media shows that things go wrong when he sets off fireworks near his house.

It is customary in America to set off fireworks on July 4. The Americans celebrated the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, which officially declared America independent from the British. The day is also called Independence Day for that reason.

Chief Keef also chose to set off fireworks during the American Independence Day celebrations. He did that together with his friends on his estate between several parked cars. The rapper was filmed while lighting the product that was supposed to provide an 8extra atmosphere. That went well at first until the pot toppled and a dangerous situation arose.

The fireworks from the jar flew at dangerous heights and exploded on the house and other objects on King Sosa ‘s estate. The rapper and his friends were shocked and screamed for a place to hide. Some hid behind the expensive cars that were parked, while others ran inside to protect themselves.

His house had to endure the heaviest artillery. A large amount of decorative and bang fireworks exploded against the walls of the building. The images from the inside show how hard it was and that the people did not seem to feel completely safe even inside the house. According to several Twitter users, the rapper is lucky that his house did not catch fire or partially collapsed. Despite the dangerous situation, it appears that no serious injuries have been reported.

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