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Dave (69) and Jackie (27) make fun of negative comments about their age difference


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Dave (69) and Jackie (27), a couple who are 42 years apart in age, mock the negative noises they face in their videos on TikTok. The couple reacts in their videos in a playful way to the criticism because of their age difference.

@dave_jackie2818 Reply to @idgal1966 Have a nice weekend #agegapcouple #agegaprelationship #husbandandwife #ageisjustanumber #pinayinusa🇵🇭🇺🇸 #bisayangtiktoker ♬ original sound – Dave and Jackie

The couple got married four years ago and live together in the United States. The 42-year age difference is the reason for many people to believe that for Jackie, who is originally from the Philippines, there are other interests in entering into a relationship with Dave than just love. For example, she is accused of being with him for his money and for getting a Western passport.

Jackie and Dave explain in their videos that they are really in love with each other. They also share their adventures, participate in TikTok trends and discuss their “unusual” relationship. Despite this, the negative reactions under their videos continue to follow each other.

@dave_jackie2818 Reply to @vee011 #bisayangdako #agegapcouple #ageisjustanumber #pinayinusa🇵🇭🇺🇸 #bisayangtiktoker #husbandandwife ♬ original sound – Dave and Jackie

However, the two do not lose sleep over the criticism and use the misplaced comments as fuel to create unique and fun content. In one of the videos, for example, they joke that Dave pays Jackie $10,000 a day. In another post, they say with a laugh that Dave will send $25,000 to Jackie’s family.

Although most of the people are surprised and negative about the relationship between Dave and Jackie, the couple also gets a lot of nice comments. “You are my favorite couple” and “Beautiful couple, I wish you the best of luck” are common comments.

@dave_jackie2818 Reply to @blessedtla #bisayangtiktoker #pinayinusa🇵🇭🇺🇸 #ageisjustanumber #agegapcouple #bisayangdako ♬ original sound – Dave and Jackie

The couple is not often serious about their age difference, but in some clips, they clearly state that they are not impressed by the fact that they were born 42 years apart. “Age doesn’t make any difference to us,” Dave says in one of the videos. The description of their TikTok account also states that it plays no role: “Love is endless. It has no age limit.”

@dave_jackie2818 Reply to @preciousmathis995 42yrs.#bisayangtiktoker #pinayinusa🇵🇭🇺🇸 #ageisjustanumber #husbandandwife #agegaprelationship #agegapcouple ♬ Grow Old With You – Anthem Lights

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