David Beckham queues for 13 hours to say goodbye to

David Beckham queues for 13 hours to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth

David Beckham queued for more than 13 hours yesterday to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth, Sky News reports. The former football player became visibly emotional on Friday afternoon when he stood in front of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin in Westminster Hall.

Beckham had the option to skip the line because of his fame, but he didn’t want preferential treatment. While waiting, he took the time to talk to the people in line. “It’s very special to hear their stories,” he said.

The arrival of the former footballer did not go unnoticed. Hundreds of people wanted their pictures taken with Beckham and Beckham took the time to take selfies with them. This was quickly reported on Twitter. “The line is now full of people trying to photograph David Beckham and forgetting to move on. It’s madness ,” a bystander tweeted.

Beckham, who now owns the American Inter Miami , looked back on the moments when he felt connected to Queen Elizabeth. “Every time we were on the pitch in the national team shirt, I was wearing the band around my arm and we were singing God save the Queen,” Beckham told English television. “That meant a lot to us. It was something special every time. This is a difficult moment for the nation and for people worldwide. This is being felt everywhere.”

But a specific encounter with the Queen holds a special place in Beckham’s heart. “The most special moment for me was when I received my ribbon. I took my grandparents with me who were very royalist. I consider myself lucky to have been able to be near the Queen for a few moments in my life.”

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