Home National News Death of Russian woman in Phuket – case solved

Death of Russian woman in Phuket – case solved

Death of Russian woman in Phuket – case solved

Phuket police have charged three foreigners, including a Russian citizen, in the case of the death of Evgenia Smirnova, who fell out of a condominium in Phuket

The accused, 38-year-old American Smith Antwaun, 28-year-old Jordanian Ahmad Alatum, and 35-year-old Russian Natalya Kosenkova, were detained after the incident when Smirnova’s body was found under the eighth-floor apartment windows in The Emerald Terrace condominium where she had fallen out, crashing to her death. The investigation determined that 35-year-old Evgenia Smirnova died as a result of head injuries incompatible with life.

Police Commissioner Amphon Buaraphon said Wednesday (June 8) that all three were charged with fatal carelessness and recklessness in causing Smirnova’s death by falling from a height. According to the commissioner, the defendants told police that the victim was severely intoxicated when she climbed the outside stairs between the seventh and eighth floors. A police officer confirmed that an autopsy showed very high levels of alcohol in her blood.

The Emerald Terrace condominium, where the deceased Russian and her friends threw the last party of her life, has exterior spiral staircases in the back connecting rooms on different floors.

According to Amphon Buaraphon, after reviewing existing evidence and witness statements, police determined that all four foreigners were acting recklessly, drinking heavily and using drugs. The investigation did not confirm the premeditated murder of Evgenia Smirnova, ruling out grounds for charging him. The commissioner said police were looking for any signs of an argument or physical violence between the foreigners involved in the tragic party, but no evidence was found.

The three men arrested had previously been charged with possession of marijuana, to which was added a charge of recklessness resulting in the death of a third person.

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