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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Distraught Mookata street food vendor sets himself on fire in Pattaya


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A Thai street food vendor of grilled meat was seriously injured last night after setting himself on fire tonight, allegedly being upset about Covid19 restrictions which have reduced his customer base to the point that he has to put the salt in the porridge no longer deserved.

The Sawan Booriboon volunteers were informed early in the evening yesterday of the incident that took place on soi 75 of Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya.

The volunteers and a local reporter arrived on the scene to find a 57-year-old injured man who is trying to earn his money with a rolling BBQ (Mookata in Thai) street food cart in Pattaya. The poor man had suffered serious injuries as a result of an attempted suicide.

The injured man told emergency room workers in an emotional state: “I have no money to pay my debts to moneylenders from whom I had to borrow money to support my family and business. I have no customers, Covid-19 has stopped everyone from coming to Pattaya.”

The injured person was immediately rushed to a local hospital for medical and psychiatric treatment.

Relatives of the food cart seller who arrived on the scene, who asked not to be named, that the injured man had been in an emotional state for some time due to lack of income and deliberately set himself on fire. The man reportedly had no customers for his barbecue business for ten days in a row and blamed the lack of traffic on Covid-19-related restrictions and measures that had essentially halted domestic and international tourism to Pattaya, which had previously been a major source of his income. used to be.

Witnesses to the incident nearby said they smelled burnt meat before seeing the man on fire. They helped extinguish the flames and calm the man before first responders arrived on the scene. The man suffered serious burns as a result of the incident, according to emergency personnel.

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