The first frost of 2019 formed atop Doi Inthanon mountain in Chiang Mai’s Jom Thong district on Thursday morning when the temperature dropped to -2 degrees Celsius.

Doi Inthanon National Park chief Kritsayam Kongsatree said the cold caused frost to form on the grass and leaves on the mountaintop area’s 43rd-45th kilometre markers, much to the delight of some 7,000 visitors to the area.

Doi Inthanon had nearly 20,000 visitors a day during December 29-30, before the number dropped to 15,752 visitors on December 31, he said.

After this, the park estimated that the number of visitors to Doi Inthanon would be around 5,000-7,000 per day, he added.

The park chief said the temperature at the Kiew Mae Pan viewpoint on Thursday was 3C, while the temperature at the park office halfway up the mountain was about 8C.