A Facebook post revealed that a British ex-pat was now in the care of the Lumpini police in Bangkok after being found destitute on the city’s streets. 

Rumors are spreading Social Media that this might be a man who came to Thailand with plenty of money but then met a Thai woman who relieved him of it all before throwing him out onto the street.

It’s a common enough story.

Many Thais were speculating and sharing the story after pitiful pictures were posted online.

The post has now been shared over 1,200 times.


Down and Out British man rescued in Bangkok

Wanlop Duangcharoen said that the Brit is now in the care of the Lumpini police and that the British Embassy has been informed.

Somebody commenting said that  the man’s name is Robert Clark Penna although this has not been confirmed by the authorities

There are also suggestions that the man’s family in the United Kingdom have been made aware of his situation and are on their way to Thailand to collect him and take him home.