Home National News Drink-driving checkpoints have returned to Thailand

Drink-driving checkpoints have returned to Thailand


The controversial police drink-driving checkpoints in Thailand have now been reinstated

New RTP chief General Suwat Chaengyodsuk had stopped them when he came in at the start of October.

Principally DUI checkpoints became a temporary no-no – checks were made at hospitals.

Now a new revamped system featuring 12 officers checking for DUI is being introduced.

Many top brass officers will be in attendance tonight outside Thong Lo police station in Bangkok at 10pm for a demonstration of the new system.

It will feature the following involving 12 officers:

  1. One officer in overall charge
  2. Two officers choosing who to check
  3. Three officers testing
  4. Four officers preventing “fleeing the scene”
  5. One officer guarding the testers.
  6. One officer guarding the suspect

A police spokesman called it a new transparent system.


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