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Drunk Bloke Sleeps On Trampoline To Avoid Angry Girlfriend

Drunk Bloke Sleeps On Trampoline:

Anyone in a relationship knows that if you go on a night out without your partner, then you’d better not wake them up when you come in.

If you go on a night out after a fight with your partner, this rule applies even more; they’re already pissed off at you, so it really doesn’t pay to poke the bear.

Let’s all bow down, then, to the innovative thinking from David McCallum.

David, from Glasgow, had caused partner Georgia Nisbet no end of worry after leaving the house following a disagreement, and then not coming home or answering his phone.

Georgia feared the worst for David, but had her fears assuaged when she opened the curtains in the morning – to find David fast asleep on their trampoline.

See David, in his drunken stupour, had forgotten his house keys and decided that he didn’t fancy facing up to his enraged partner, and had thought that the trampoline looked like a decent compromise option.

As she got up to go to work the next day, Georgia made her way to the garden, told David to ‘get up you fucking idiot’ and then went about her day.

“Lads don’t get drunk, argue away your girlfriend & then lose your house keys,” she later wrote on Facebook.

“This could lead to a night on the trampoline. What a shock I got when a opened the blinds this morning.”

She added: “Least he had the courtesy to take his Saturday night sliders off.”

I mean, if anything it’s pretty impressive that the fella thought to take his shoes off – not all of us manage that after a few pints.

David was happy to explain away his big night out and subsequent sleeping choices.

“I was out at my god daughter’s christening then went out and got drunk,” said McCallum, who is by day a professional wrestler with Glasgow-based organisation Insane Championship Wrestling.

“I got back at two in the morning and decided to sleep on the trampoline instead of facing the hassle.

“Some people were saying it was her fault, but it was definitely mine. I should have come home when I was told.”

A few pals were happy to chime in on the incident on the Facebook post.

“Lol mental mad Ravie Davie,” wrote one, using David’s wrestling name.

“Just as well it’s no the winter he would have froze lol,” wrote another.

Just remember those keys next time, eh?

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