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Drunk Chinese tourists attack a hotel worker in Pattaya


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Police in the coastal town said earlier this week that a 29-year-old hotel worker was molested after being attacked by a group of allegedly drunk Chinese tourists. Just before midnight, the 29-year-old worker was attacked and injured his wrists after trying to stop the “seriously intoxicated” group from driving home after several hours of boozing. He was offered medical help on the spot.

A local reporter reported that an argument broke out when four Chinese tourists started arguing with the hotel employee about their ability to drive back to their hotel. The hotel reported that the group had had “several hours” of alcohol in their restaurant before attempting to leave.

Two of the group then started to get very aggressive with the hotel employee and started hitting and kicking first. Witnesses say the other two in the group intervened and tried to restrain their two friends.

Two of the four Chinese tourists were later arrested by Pattaya police after they arrived on the scene. They let the other two return to their hotels after hearing all the witnesses’ stories about their attempts to cover up the situation.

The two alleged attackers were allowed to spend their evening at the police station to sleep off their drunkenness. Police say they will question them this morning and decide whether to formally charge them. The names of the hotel and the attackers have not been released in this case.

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