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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Due to bed shortages in hospitals, more and more Covid19 patients are coming home at the end of their lives


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According to the Bangkok Post, a shortage of hospital beds is causing more and more people to die in their homes, some of whom did not have the opportunity to be tested for Covid19 virus.

An elderly woman who worked at a massage parlour in Bangkok’s Bang Phlat district developed a high fever and other severe Covid-like symptoms and died shortly after being admitted last Friday, Pheu Thai party candidate for Pheu Thai city council reported. Bangkok in Bang Phlat District.

Thipjutha recently donated ten oxygen generators for home treatments for Covid19 patients. The case of the dead and suspected Covid-19 patient was one of only two cases she has investigated so far. She went on to say that the woman became ill a few days ago and wanted to take a Covid19 test on a mobile test vehicle, but she was not strong enough to stand in line for long.

“As we are now faced with a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases, many sick and elderly people are unable to queue for Covid-19 testing. Many have no choice but to wait at home for the further course of the disease.

If the government does not address this issue immediately, we will certainly see a crisis like the one in India where many people died on the streets,” Thipjutha warned. A Myanmar woman suspected of contracting the virus was found dead in her apartment in Bangkok on Thursday.

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