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Durian saleswoman in Pattaya sells the “king of Thai fruit” at affordable prices to people on low incomes


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Fruit seller, Khun Sawitree Maratsa is selling the real Monthong Durians from Rayong from her pickup truck on Thepprasit Road opposite the Chang (elephant) market.

During these dire times and this economic crisis, everyone in Pattaya, including the small food and fruit vendors, is doing their part to alleviate Jan met de Pet’s financial difficulties.

One of the persons is Khun Sawitree Maratsa aka “Ou” a fruit saleswoman on Thepprasit Road in Jomtien as written.

A few days ago, a local reporter passed her pick-up truck and saw a sign on a pile of durians that the price was only 100 baht per kg. He stopped to ask the kind lady why she sold the durians for only 100 baht per kilo, when the normal price for these prized durians is at least 130-150 baht per kilo.

Sawitree said she was not trying to undermine the price of other fruit sellers, but realized that people today don’t have much money and can’t afford the price of a good Monthong durian.

She said she wanted as many people as possible to enjoy eating their favourite seasonal fruits.

Sawitree admits that her durians may not look as nice as the more expensive ones, but she assures her customers that they are real Monthong and that they are truly delicious.

The reporter tasted the durian and it was very aromatic and delicious indeed, as claimed.

Sawitree invites all durian lovers to come by her pick-up shop and taste the king of the fruit for herself, she is there every day from morning to night or until the durians are sold out.

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